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How to Searching Video on Google

If we want to explore more new things on the internet, we depend upon the browsers/search engines. The fact too says nearly more than 80% of the people spend time on the internet for several reasons. At the same time, you can search using either image or video to find a lot of million things. These are some of the cool ways that will make your search so easy.

Why Google is the best choice to search for videos you needed?

Here, we have a few interesting facts about “Google” that should be familiar before preferring Google as a Search engine.

  • With reference to Statista, google is gaining around 134 billion dollars through ad revenue.
  • In specific, Google receives approximately 63000 searches every second on any given day.
  • Google holds about 200 companies so far.
  • Google up-holds around 90% of the search engine market shares.
  • In general, an average person searches 3-4 searches on Google/per day.
  • Finally, as we know- Google is one of the finest & largest companies in the world and which multiplies its revenue and growth every second in this busy world.

Note: Google currently ranks in the 29th position as per Wikipedia.

Searching video on Google is easy for an illiterate now. Reverse search is specially added to find an exact source of the image or video on the web. Let us stay updated with the latest feature on Google to know how to search for a video on Google.

Image search on Google

To do this type of image or video search on Google, you need to know the Reverse image search option. This is only compatible with some of the modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on.

How to search for a video on Google:

To watch any youtube videos, we go to and on the videos section, we submit our query. This will take a few seconds to get you the list of videos on the same query. But if you want to know the source via reverse video, then it is quite hard now. The reason is that Google is still working on the section for betterment. You can do it this way if you want to find out the source of the video on Google.

Search by Video on Google

If you’re trying to reverse a search for a video, you have to capture some screenshots of the video. Go to and use those screenshots now. Now you can find the details of the clip. This may not work well for some videos. But it seems to be the easiest way to find the source of videos on Google.

There is also another way to search for a video on Google. Many supporting websites or applications are available for you to search for videos in just a few seconds. Do the following steps to find out the video in just a few seconds.

  • 1.Import/upload a picture or images
  • 2.The algorithm tries to match the image with the video.
  • 3.Wait for a few seconds
  • 4.Find the updates now.

Try these options to find the source of the mp4. This will absolutely work to ease your search by saving your time. To process this request, it is a must to have a good network connection. The unstable network may break this request unknowingly. Make sure to fulfill the
necessities before you begin to search for a video on Google.

What are the tips to search videos or other sources in general?

The following are the basic tips and we have discussed only few parts of it and Google have enormous tips & options for the users to get best out of their search results.

1. Clear Phrase

Bring your search phrase more predominant and obvious to get the exact search result. Try to feed the proper key to access your source which can be any type like documents, videos, photos, and more.
Tip: Enclose certain important phrases within double quotes (“….”) to receive more clear search results.

Example Search: “Google Video search”

2. Exclude Words

This may be new or some may be familiar with the word “Exclude words during Google search”. It’s nothing but, just use – sign in front of the word to be excluded on your search keys.

Example Search: Digital Marketing related videos -advertising- Here, Advertising is been excluded or requested to be excluded by the user.

3. This OR That

To escape from the n-number of top search result which matches your search keys while searching in Google. You have a choice to minimize your sources not the best result using OR (should be capitalized).

Example Search: Best videos about Phone specs OR advertising.

Likewise, we have an n-number of tips to search videos and other forms via Google support. Additionally, for the user’s beneficial purpose- google has introduced “Google Advanced video search”. To operate and explore Google Advanced Video search, tap- Google Advanced Search.

Advantages of Advanced Video Search:

Using this, you can make your video search more precise and your exact needs.

For example: If at all your required video has a maximum length, this Advanced video search can bring the file in medium size.

To accomplish the list of filters available by tapping on the Video tab from the search query and access using the Settings>Advanced search.
You can set your search limit preferences like- Show only HD videos.

Hope, you have grasped adequate ideas regarding the search technique, in general, using the Google platform. To know more about Google’s video search, continue below.

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