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List Of Trolls Characters

Troll characters play various roles in media and technology. Some trolls characters occupy a special place in the media world. Some of the troll characters along with the troll world tour characters are here for you now.

Basically, this blog is all about exploring Trolls Characters which is introduced in the year 2016. Trolls are meant to be tiny or small creatures (Species), that inhabit the world of the DreamWorks Trolls franchise. On that note, we have n-number Trolls characters names which are briefly described below.

Let’s explore even more interesting facts about Trolls Characters. Just track the below headings and detailing to update your Trolls’ character and their hidden history.

Is that all Troll characters are similar and if not, how do they differ from each other?

Trolls Main Abilities:

In particular, all individual traits have abilities that are applicable only to them. We have some common similarities which can match each other that includes Magic & Music.

Trolls Hair:

Yes, you can see variations in every troll with reference to their hair pattern. To bring it to simple words, “Troll hair is a defining trait of the Trolls”. In specific, Trolls Topia Episode generally shows that different Troll kinds have different hair based on their ancestor’s variations from each other.

For example: In accordance to Big Sis B stated that an average Trolls has 1 million hairs.

List of Trolls Characters Names


is the protagonist of the year 2016. Anna Kendrick used to voice her in films


He is the over-cautious paranoid survivor in his troll village


Russel brand used to voice him in his films. He is poppy’s crush and the former friend of Creek

DJ Suki

Mash-up Expert – The best-supporting characters in Trolls


Biggie is a tall, biggest member of the Snack Pack, fat looking character in animation movies


Crazy Dance Moves – Cooper is a funk troll and a supporting character in the troll’s world tour.

Guy Diamond

Naked Glitter Troll – Always heaps with body confidence and unique ideas of space

Satin and Chenille

Satin is the pink one; Chenill is the blue one – A pair of supporting characters and they appear throughout the franchise.

King Peppy

Brave Leader – King Peppy is a father of Poppy and he is the king of his village.

Grandma Rosiepuff

She is the grandmother of Branch and old age troll in the fill of the year 2016.

Moxie Dewdrop

Razzle Dazle – he is a rocker troll in the US and UK version(Moxie rocks!).

Mandy Sparkledust

She is a yellow-skinned troll with long raspberry hair that sticks up.

Aspen Heitz

A minor character in the troll movies and he friends with all of the Caterbugs.


Jumps rope with her own long hair – Smidge is a teeny troll and her hobbies are weight lifting, crocheting, and so on.


Twinkle toes – Fuzzbert is a troll without a head, torso, and arms.

Prince Gristle

King of the Bergen Monsters – Inherited the crown at a young age when his father was dethroned

King Gristle

King of the Bergens – King Gristle Sr. is a major antagonist of DreamWorks animation films.


Bridget called “Idget” by Chef – Was the nice Bergen. She worked as a scullery maid for the chef.


Royal Chef – Is a light purple-skinned Bergen with a short and light turquoise hair


Queen of rock – She is the leader of hard rock and also surveys lava domain.

Brief about Trolls character with respect to the Trolls hair:

  • In the “Beat Goes on” series, we can see King Peppy holding the snowball with its hair curls.
  • On the other hand, when it comes to the “Trolls World Tour” series, you can see Poppy, branch, and other pop trolls will be dancing with their hair support.
  • Eventually, Poppy lights up her hair and helps each other.
  • In such a way, trolls characters in the list have undergone various features and actions to their hair. Hope, it’s quite exciting and pulls your curiosity to know more.
S.No Character Name Description
1 Poppy The optimistic and energetic leader of the Trolls
2 Branch Initially a grumpy and cautious Troll, later becomes Poppy’s love interest
3 Queen Barb The rock music-loving queen and main antagonist in “Trolls World Tour”
4 King Trollex The DJ and leader of the Techno Trolls
5 Cooper A unique Mix Troll, half-Troll and half-Glitter
6 Biggie A large and kind-hearted Troll who often carries his pet Mr. Dinkles
7 Mr. Dinkles Biggie’s small and adorable pet worm
8 Creek Initially friendly but betrays the Trolls, later redeems himself
9 Satin and Chenille Twin fashionista Trolls known for their colorful hair
10 Bridget A Bergen who falls in love with King Gristle Jr. and aids the Trolls
11 King Gristle Jr. The young and sympathetic king of the Bergens
12 DJ Suki A DJ Troll known for her vibrant personality and music skills
13 Guy Diamond A glittery and flamboyant Troll who leaves a trail of glitter everywhere
14 Smidge A tiny but feisty Troll with a distinctive tuft of hair
15 Fuzzbert A Troll made entirely of vibrant and colorful hair
16 Harper A creative Troll with a talent for arts and crafts
17 Moxie Dewdrop A nature-loving Troll with a flower-shaped hat
18 Cloud Guy A floating cloud who often plays pranks on the Trolls
19 Grandma Rosiepuff Poppy’s wise and nurturing grandmother
20 King Peppy Poppy’s father and former leader of the Trolls
21 Chef The main antagonist in the original “Trolls” film, a Bergen chef

Magical Power of Troll’s hairs:

They have a superficial ability to stretch their hair out and aid them to climb or grab objects in their daily life.

Now, let’s have a glimpse of the major divisions in Trolls characters quickly: Majorly it consists of 6 major tribes and they are listed below:

  • Pop Trolls
  • Rock Trolls
  • Country Trolls
  • Classical Trolls
  • Funk Trolls
  • Techno Trolls

The origin classification system for tribes is given in the year 2016-2018. Whereas, in the year 2019 the classification has been raised drastically, except for Glitter and Fuzzling trolls -which remains constant. Yes, now- you can get into the List of Trolls in depth with the pictorial representation by scrolling below.

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