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Is Ecosia Legit | Is 100% Non-Profit Organization – Search Engine

How defined?

When you use the online search engine, trees are planted in exchange for your queries. Consider them as an alternative to Google, Bing, or Yahoo where you may still access and explore the internet.

When German engineer Christian Froll had the notion of using search engine income to support reforestation initiatives in some of the world’s most endangered environments, Ecosia was born. But it’s worth conducting some research to see what’s truly going on below the surface before we accept anything at face value.

How legit is the search engine Ecosia?

The search engine Ecosia will plant a tree for each query you enter. Does it seem too wonderful to be true? to learn the truth about Ecosia and determine whether it is a genuine, sustainable enterprise or another example of greenwashing. Let’s investigate Ecosia to learn more about its allure of planting trees for every web search. Ecosia Search Engine is certified by B Corporation.

The following are some of Ecosia key statistics:

A tree is planted by Ecosia roughly every 45 searches you conduct. The company has 21 reforestation projects worldwide, has planted over 110 million trees, and is growing quickly. It removed 3 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, by planting over 500 native tree species and restoring 60,000+ hectares.

How is the money used by Ecosia?

According to reports, 100 percent of the money that goes to Ecosia is used to plant trees. Then, using Ecosia definition of biodiversity hotspots as ecosystems that hold at least 1,500 species and have decreased by at least 70%, this money is invested in these habitats. This implies that the effects of planting vegetation in these imperiled ecosystems will be significant.

So, it appears to be rather simple on the surface. And given all the ways Google generates revenue, it appears like Ecosia has a lot of opportunities to increase its revenue.It all seems like a simple and practical approach to support the environment at first glance.

Real trees are planted by Ecosia with each click, right?

Does Ecosia genuinely plant trees for each search we conduct? This is undoubtedly the most pressing query on everyone’s mind.

how legit is ecosia search engine

Well, the answer is a little more nuanced than a simple yes. For what is essentially no work on our end, it takes about 45 searches to plant 1 tree, an absolutely astounding result.

Ecosia helps neighborhood partners or non-profit organizations who plant trees with the help of the company’s investments rather than paying for each tree planted directly. Those organizations respond well with their knowledge on the regions they operate.

Security — Does Ecosia sell your information?

Simply put, no. Ecosia guarantees that they will never give or sell any of the data they collect to a third party.

Although it is impossible to confirm, their website goes into length about how your data is used (in a way that is clearly spelt out in contrast to most fine print), and whether it is verifiable, they appear to have respect for the data they gather.

I’m at least more likely to believe them than other major search engines because of their openness elsewhere.

So, does the environment benefit from Ecosia?

Ecosia efforts are commendable, even though it is unlikely that they will succeed in planting 1 billion trees by 2020 (and they fall short of the 1.5 trillion trees that experts estimate is necessary to offset the carbon emissions since the Industrial Revolution began).

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Other businesses could benefit from their openness about their finances and data usage. Most crucial, though, is that switching to Ecosia won’t significantly change your way of life and makes it simple to support environmental causes without doing much at all.

Is Ecosia legit? – Reference Video

Why not attempt it then?

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