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Samsung S Pen vs Apple Pencil

Do you love digital doodling or writing? If you are looking for some writing or drawing equipment online, check this device, Apple pencil, and Samsung Pencil. These are some of the best pencils available on the market to ease your drawing and writing skills. However, they are the best in class pen tracking with super-fast response times.

Just have a look at the comparison between S pen vs Apple pencil to find which fits the best as per the usage. Let us dive into this to know more about the stylus, generations, and others.

Apple Pencil – 1st gen vs 2nd gen

Apple Pencil is available in two generations. They are

  • The first generation Apple pencil
  • The second-generation Apple pencil

First Generation Apple Pencil:

From the name, we can know the first generation of the Apple pencil is the first iteration. So if you see now, they are even compatible with the Apple iPad mini and Apple iPad Air.

The second generation of Apple pencil:

The latest advancement shows the second generation of Apple pencil. The advanced features like wireless charging, touch button, more speed when writing or drawing are even compatible with the top-end Apple tablets such as 11 and 12.9 inch iPad pro devices.

From the above, we can conclude that the Apple pencil is one that provides a much satisfying experience. From the use of the 1st and 2nd generation of apple pens, it is found that there is an increase in response time, touch setup; wireless charging with the integration is worth the money you spend.

Samsung S pen – Comparing new and old

When discussing S pens, so many different variants of the Samsung S pen are there. If we analyze further, we can find S pen are categorized into two groups as follows: Samsung series of smartphones and the S pen comes with Samsung tablets.

S pens in the Samsung smartphones are smaller in size whereas S pens in the Samsung Tablets are larger than regular pen or pencil.

For the last few years, Samsung is constantly improvising the S pen generations. Somehow they manage to match the speed and performance of Apple pencils.

Shape and Design of Apple Pencil vs S pen

In real, Apple pencils look like a ball-point pen whereas the S pen is similar to the generic ball-point pen. The latest release of S pen and Apple Pencil is similar to each other in its shape, size, and original forms. The Samsung s pen vs apple pencil stylus is said to have a cylindrical body with a flat surface.

The hand feel of s pen vs apple pencil Reddit

The nature of the s pen is smooth-enough whereas the Apple pen is textured with a soft touch body. Apple pencil has a rigid plastic surface whereas s pen has older designs and models. The latest design and development of s pen has better constructed.

Which is a better stylus one?

If you love drawing, then the Apple pencil would be the best choice in your case. The generation of the Apple Pencil and the new S pen is equally good in terms of speed, accuracy, and other stylus sensitivity activities. The pointed tip and blunted tip of both s pen and an apple pencil has proven the performance in terms of latency and response time.

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If you’re still confused to choose the type of pens or pencil, we suggest you prefer apple pencils because of their speed, efficiency, and response time. Samsung pens are upgrading the existing features. In terms of this evolution in the market, Apple pencils are preferred by a larger group of people.

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