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How to Sign Out of All Google Account

No matter what you are using in your Smartphone, you need a Google Account to accomplish the task. Gmail accounts offer everything from scratch let be your mails, space for saving your photos, documents, phone contacts, and more. To do all the valuable things you need a Google account on your smartphone. Option for synchronizing more than one Google account is also available on smartphones. In some cases, such as mobile theft, selling your smartphone, etc you need to sign out google account to protect your privacy. However, it is very simple to sign out google account in few steps.

How to sign out of google

The aforementioned action will take only a couple of minutes, but it’s very much needed if you have lost your Smartphone or are planning to sell it.

Removing Your Gmail Account via smartphone settings

You can remove your Gmail Account from your smartphone easily through its settings menu. Follow the fellow steps to remove your Gmail Account:

  • Firstly, go to the settings menu in your smartphone.
  • Now, scroll down and find the Accounts option.
  • Here all your social accounts will be available. Click on Google accounts.
  • The Google accounts which are available in your smartphone will be displayed.
  • Long press on the google account which you want to remove and then click on the Remove button.
  • Next, a notification box will pop which asks for your confirmation to Remove the account.
    Finally, click the remove account option. The respective Gmail Account will be removed from your smartphone.

Removing Your Gmail Account Remotely

You can also remove Gmail Account from your smartphone without your smartphone. This method is also quite simple and easy. Go with the below instructions to remove your google account:

  • Open your chrome browser in your Laptop/PC.
  • Sign into your Google account with your credentials (Username & Password).
  • Now go to the Security Tab and find Your devices section.
  • In Your Devices section click on Manage devices.
  • Find your smartphone and click on Sign out.
  • Proceed with the confirmation to Log out from the device.
  • These simple ways can help you out to sign out from your google account permanently at an ease.

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