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How To Screenshot On Windows PC – Easy Shortcut Method’s

The screenshot is the Picture or images of the display screen that you are looking at on your front-end display. After all, “Picture is worth a thousand words”. Also Screenshots “let you arrest exactly what you are seeing on your screen” and it would be shared with other users or hint for later use. By this keyword, the “Capture” screenshot can also be referred to as a Screencap.
By taking Screenshots, it will prove to others as you are really seeing the crazy things on your screens. Taking, saving, and sharing screenshots can be highly helpful.
Screenshots also help you to archive past things in your windows. For example, they can help you to capture what a website looked like before the current brand refreshes it.

Benefit of Screenshots

Screenshots can be hugely helpful when you need to determine something that otherwise would be difficult to convey in words. And it helps to get more work done and done faster.

Different Methods Of Screenshot On Windows PC

1. Print Screen(PrtScn) Key Method

  • Step 1:- Select the page you want to screenshot it.
  • Step 2:- Press the “PrtSc” key on your Keyboard.
  • Step 3:- After we pressed the “PrtSc” key, it captured the copy of the whole screen.
  • Step 4:- Open the Rich text document or WordPad for pasting your screenshot.
  • Step 5:- press the key combination of Ctrl+v for pasting your screenshot image.
  • Step 6:- click the file menu and select the Save as an option and save it with a customized name and path.

An Alternative Method In This Part:-

  • Step 1:- press the key combination of “Winkey or windows key + PrtSc” on your keyboard.
  • Step 2:- when we press that combination it makes the screen a little blur.
    (That means it working correctly)
  • Step 3:- It automatically Saved to the path of “This Pc<Pictures<Screenshots”.
    There you can find the Saved Screenshot.

2. Snipping Tool Program Method

  • Step 1:- In a Start Menu or in the search box search as “ Snipping Tool “.
  • Step 2:- open that Snipping tool program, and if we want to adjust the mode just click the Mode option to adjust it.
    Four types of snipping modes:- Select what type of snip we want.
  • Step 3:- Choose the mode and click the New button.
  • Step 4:- It will freeze the screen for your snipping.
  • Step 5:- Use the mouse and drag it to capture.
  • Step 6:- Additional features we can set the delay time with the delay option button available next to the Mode button.
  • Step 7:- And it will be displayed inside the snipping tool page. There we can save it or add text with sketches or pens.
  • Step 8:- At last click the save icon and save your file with your desired name and path.

3. Snip & Sketch method

This one is the new iterative model of the snipping tool program and now is called Snippin Sketch. The easiest method and comparatively similar to the snipping tool program.

  • Step 1:- Hold down the three key combinations similarly “Winkey+shift+S”.
  • Step 2:-It will dim the screen and a menu bar appear on the top of the screen.
  • Step 3:- Use the menu on top to free form the window or full-screen capture.
  • Step 4:- After we drag the screen it will be saved to the clipboard and we can paste it and save it for further use.

4. Game Bar Method( Take Screenshots While Playing Game):

If you are looking to grab the screenshots while playing a game.

  • Step 1:- Launch any game from the start menu or from the Xbox one app.
  • Step 2:-During the game, hold the Windows key and G key. (Confirm the game bar is running)
  • Step 3:- After that game bar overlay will be appearing at the left corner of the screen.
  • Step 4:- click the camera icon on that game overlay bar to take the screenshot of the game. Or use the shortcut “Winkey + Alt + PrtScn”.
  • Step 5:- It will save our images automatically. To see your saved images
    Go to Video and then capture the folder. There you will find your captured image.

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