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Best VR Headset for Xbox One

With the advancement in technology, you can immerse yourself in your browsing content with a virtual reality (VR) set. Immersive technology can bridge the gap between gaming and reality. While wearing the vr set Xbox one, the user can feel as though they were physically present in the gaming environments. There are numerous VR sets available in the market which can make you feel confused. Take a quick look at the design and specs to figure out vr headset for Xbox one.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is a surprisingly competent VR headset at an affordable price. It’s very simple to connect and one can experience reality in just a few seconds. The headset is very light and comfortable. The adjustable headband prevents easy slip of headset. The LEDs across the PlayStation VR are tracked by PlayStation Camera to pinpoint the precise location. With no doubt, PlayStation VR is a reliable solution to feel the game on the field.

Oculus Rift S

It is the upgraded version of Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift S is easy and comfortable to wear. It delivers a good room-scale VR experience without using any external sensors. You can see what is around as you walk in VR since it is designed with touch controllers and pass-through cameras. Crisp visuals are guaranteed with Oculus Rift S.


You can opt for HTC Vive VR for PC. The Vive Trackers can make you feel real-world things in the virtual scene. The HTC Deluxe audio strap provides an extraordinary audio experience through adjustable headphones. Dual camera and in-built eye-tracking is used instead of a singular central lens. It works well on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating system. It assures smooth graphics and low latency.

Hixanny VR Headset

Hixanny vr set for Xbox one is a good option as it supports various platforms. It offers high resolution, decent battery life, and 6GB Flash ROM. The quality of VR experience makes it stand out from the crowd and it’s costly too. Hixanny VR Headset is the most versatile for Xbox with its unique design and specifications.

These are some of the best VR headsets compatible with Xbox and some may work on other platforms too. Before you decide which to buy remember to take into consideration all specs and features along with the price which fits your budget.

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