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How To Change Windows Icon? | Icons For Windows 10/11 Free Download

On October 5th of 2021, the last version of windows 11 icons was released. If you are a windows 11 device user, you might experience various changes in user interface & outlook and additionally the default desktop icon for major preinstalled windows apps which includes: This PC, recycle bin, control panel, and more. In this blog, let’s see the requirements related to “Icons for windows 11”.

How to Change Icons for Windows on the Desktop:

If it is Windows 11 and you want to modify the Icons of windows default Desktop items, it is laidback. To change the icons for This PC, Recycle Bin, User Profile, and Network. Connect through the following steps:

  • Connect through the Settings app to choose the Start button > Settings icon.
  • Pick the Personalization category using the Settings app.
  • icons for windows settings step 1

  • Utilize the left column to navigate the Themes > Desktop icon settings.
  • icons for windows settings step 2

  • Make use of the resultant page stating – the Desktop Icon Settings window will show up if you carry out the steps above.
  • Proceeds using the options like This PC, Recycle Bin, User’s File, & Network, and even Control Panel from here. Ensure with the icon that you wish to change the icon and select the option- “Change Icon” button.
  • On the resultant page, use the Change Icon dialog box and a long list of Icons. Pick any of the icons that you want to use or choose Browse to choose an icon from your PC.
  • icons for windows settings step 3

  • Note: If your desired icon is unavailable, use the OK button.
  • Finalize with Apply> OK then.

How to Change Folder Icons in Windows 11

This method works on all recent Windows versions, including Windows /7/8/10 and even Windows 11.

  • Right-click on the folder and select Properties from the drop-down menu. Select the Customize tab.
  • To choose an icon for your folder, go to the Folder Icons area and click the “Change Icon” button.
  • The default icons folder will be opened if not already open; otherwise, look for the following path:
  • %SystemRoot%\System32\SHELL32.dll.
  1. Or click on the Browse button if you already have a custom icon and wish to reuse it. Navigate to the location of the custom icon. Select the icon you want and then click Open.
  2. Select the icon that you wish to use by clicking on it with your cursor. Then press the OK, Apply, and OK buttons.
  3. Finally, you can now see the chosen icon has been applied to the selected folder.
  4. You can now change the folder icon on your PC after completing the steps above.

How to Change File Icons in Windows 11 Using FileTypesMan

On the other hand, other than changing the windows 11 icon manually, you can use a secured third-party program like FileTypesMan to change the icons for exact file types. If not known, use the below steps.

  1. Open the browser page and download the free program from NirSoft known as FileTypesMan.
  2. Access through the windows 11 folder to extract using WinRAR or another archiving program.
  3. Simply, double-click the program’s feasible file using the folder to open up.
  4. Confirm the desired file type that should be changed to the icon or you can hit the Search button and enter your file type, such as docx.
  5. Just, Right-click on the type file you need and select the option “Edit Selected File Type” using the drop-down menu.
  6. At last, pick your desired icon from your PC > OK. Try to restart the PC to see whether your chosen file types.

You can use this tool to organize the file types on your computer and also effective to rename or modify the file icons. Hence, you can expect lots of features to explore, download, and implement individually by yourself.

How to Change the Icons of Shortcut File/Folder in Windows

  • Hit the Properties option using the right-click menu of the file or folder’s shortcut icon.
  • Stay connected to the Properties window to bring the Shortcut tab > Change Icon.
  • Prefer the icon in the Change Icon window, or select it from your computer via the Browse button. Once you have chosen the icon from your shortcut, Confirm with the OK button.
  • Want any default icon from Windows, you can directly specify the path at Look for icons in this file.
  • At last, use the Apply button to apply the changes and hit OK to view the new icon for your shortcut file.


Hope, this blog might be helpful to know “How to use the icon on your PC for a variety of file and folder types”. Now it’s time to download gorgeous Windows 10/11 Icon packs so you can customize your desktop appearance by using the chosen icon.

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