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US Judge Rules: Apple Could Bar Epic Games’ Fortnite

A US judge in California has ruled that Apple could bar Epic games’ Fortnite from its App store. Simultaneously restrained that it must not harm Epic’s developer tools business. Especially the unreal Engine Software which is used by other video games.

District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled where the court maintains its findings from the temporary restraining order and grants in part and denies in part Epic Games’ motion for a preliminary injunction.

Moreover, both Epic Games and Apple were not immediately available for comment on this ruling.

Earlier, a preliminary injunction was filed by Epic Games to put back its game in the App store and restore its developer account. This was filed after the termination of the Epic Games’ account on the App Store.

Epic sued Apple, claiming that the 30% company’s commission on some in-app purchases was made through its App Store. On the other hand, Apple does not encourage such payment systems and removed Fortnite from the App Store. Also threatened to terminate Epic’s developer accounts, which would affect Epic’s other business of selling software used for creating games.

At this point, Epic moved to Apple from taking the above-said actions. However, an emergency order was issued by the judge which allows Apple to pull Epic’s titles from the App Store but not to harm Epic’s developer tools. 

The federal judge added that Epic Games has not sufficiently addressed Apple’s counter-arguments and mentioned that the temporary restraining order remains the same.

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